7 Best Bassinets For C Section Moms


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The explicitly designed bassinet for the C-section moms is pivotal as, during the C-section, the mother suffered a lot from pain, weakness, and anxiety she requires a resting environment and belongings.

At that time, feeding her baby and sleeping at night becomes a hectic job. Moreover, newborn babies require a germ-free environment for healthy breathing. So, a mother can’t risk sleeping with her baby in the same bed.

Besides this, a newborn baby needs to stay in a cozy and comfortable place for better treatment. So, a mother who has undergone through C-section needs to consider the best bassinet for her baby.

Considering all the facts involved in a baby’s healthy environment as well as for mommy’s ease, our team has tested out some best bassinets for the C section. Our process is involved giving away bassinets to moms where we get feedback about the products. After gathering data, we compiled a list of the 7 best bassinets for the C section moms that are comfy and price worthy.

C-Section Mom

List of 7 Best Bassinets for C section moms

The best bassinets for C section moms are:

Mika Micky Baby Bassinet

HALO BassiNest Swivel

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

Baby Delight Beside Me Wink Bassinet

Cloud Baby Premium


Mika Micky Baby Bassinet Bedside Sleeper

Top Features

  • The best solution for breastfeeding.
  • Lockable, four wheels.
  • Easy folding and portable.
  • Sturdy materials stay longer.
  • Safety certified.
  • Available only in grey color
  • The Mika Micky baby bassinet is at the top of the list due to its elegant and sleek design. The bassinet comes with some cool features that you might not find in some other bassinet. This baby bassinet can easily be attached or removed from the mother’s bed. The two fastening straps make it reliable that the bassinet will stay beside the mother’s bed.
  • Most of the bassinets don’t offer adjustable heights, while Mika Micky’s baby bassinet comes in seven adjustable sizes that help a mother in C-section access her baby anytime. Without moving too much from the bed. Further, it has removable side panels so you can detach the sidewall to look after your baby and breastfeed.
  • The bassinet has two side mesh for easy breathing to keep your baby safe. At the same time, the comfortable matters ensure that your baby will stay warm and safe from the bottom.
  • Even if your baby is healthy and gains some weight after birth, the material is strong enough that it can bear 33 lbs weight. This means that it can work for at least five months.
  • The elegant bassinet is equipped with built-in wheels with brakes, so whether you want to carry your baby in-home or in the street, this baby bassinet got you covered. Further, the two side pockets are useful for keeping the baby essentials close to you.

Final Recommendation

If you have a breastfeeding issue or a cesarean, this cute bassinet can solve your problem. The sleek bassinet is equipped with many solutions that you might face in caring for your baby. The mattress and cover are firm and washable; it has adjustable heights, sturdy and secure for your baby. Overall, it’s a perfect crib for baby care. Considering it can be a wise decision.

2. HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper

Top Features

  • Designed for C-section moms
  • See-through mesh walls
  • Easy to pack and portable
  • Best for up to 5 months, baby
  • 28 lbs item weight
  • Hand wash mattress
  • The HALO BassiNest crib has a unique and attractive design specially made for C-section mothers. The bassinet has a sleek and elegant material that looks premium at home. Further, it has a 360 rotation feature so that you can turn your baby on any side without any hassle.
  • The bassinet has removable sidewalls, making it easy for you to breastfeed your baby. When you have done, lock the beside wall in the upright position. Whether your baby use diapers or not, the mattress is waterproof and machine washable, so there is no worry that matters will go bad.
  • The bassinet has side pockets to keep belongings close to you. Further, it has adjustable heights to customize the sizes as per need. So whether you are sitting on the bed or lying, you can look after your baby with the height setting. And the four-point feet give the bassinet maximum stability that ensures even if your baby moves in the bassinet, it will stay firm.
  • The elegant bassinet has sound alarms, vibration, music, and lullabies to engage your baby when needed. I liked most that the bassinet has a “Back-to-Bed Reminder,” which means a mom feels snoozy after C-section and needs more sleep. So at night, if you sleep while feeding, the bassinet will generate a sound to remind you to tuck your baby back. What a cool feature, isn’t it?

Final Recommendation

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper bassinet is the finest place for your baby’s sleep. The bassinet is customized by keeping the baby’s safety in mind. It has breathable mesh walls that give your baby a comfortable and healthy breath.

The material is safe for the baby’s health and easy to wash. Finally, the bassinet is removable, so you can detach it and bring it onto the bed. So whether you feel that baby should sleep alongside your bed or you want to keep it beside the bed, the choice is yours.

3. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Top Features

  • A cozy space for baby to sleep
  • Reversible bassinet
  • Small space solution
  • Built-in storage
  • Keep baby safe from light
  • Airy mesh sidewalls
  • If you are looking for multiple features in one place, Graco Dream Suite Bassinet can be the right pick. The bassinet has all the features that can ease your workload. This all-in-one unit features a reversible bassinet, changing station, and care center, making it the perfect solution for C-section moms.
  • The Graco Dream Suite also includes a built-in nightlight and two different soothing music players to help your little one drift off. Its compact design and wheels are perfect for small spaces and can be easily moved from room to room.
  • The excellent canopy ensures that your baby will stay under the shade. The shelter also protects your baby from outside bugs harming your baby’s skin. The bassinet has two soft toys that keep your baby engaged. Being a mom, you can relax more without worrying that your baby will start crying for attention.
  • The bassinet has a large space for your kid, which gives you an extra room to change baby diapers while the fabric is easy to clean and wipe. So there will be no worry in caring for your baby. Moreover, the bassinet structure is strong enough to bear up to 30 lbs weight—overall a perfect place for your baby and less fatigue for a C-section mom.

Final Recommendation

The Graco Dream Suite bassinet has some special features that you might not find in any other bassinet in this price range. Still, it offers wide table space underneath your bassinet where you can store baby essentials like towels, feeders, skincare products, and other belongings. Overall, a perfect bassinet whether you are traveling or using it at home. You can pack the bassinet in a backpack; it will take less storage, and still, it’s lightweight, making it a perfect choice for a mom who cares for her baby’s health.

4. Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet

Top Features

  • Easy breastfeeding
  • Rubberized universal wheel with brakes
  • Co-sleeping with confidence
  • Soft mesh sides are perfect for ventilation
  • Keep your baby relaxed and sleep peacefully
  • Safety certified material
  • Excellent for night feeds
  • Although all the bassinets in the list are designed with good material, the Papablic Bonni Baby bassinet is specially designed, keeping safety in mind. This bassinet has a more stable structure and is manufactured with sturdy iron and aluminum frame. This means that whether your baby moves in the bassinet or you take it outside where high air blows, the bassinet will stay firm in its place.
  • The bassinet has five adjustable heights with an auto safety lock, making it easy to lower or higher the bassinet. At the same time, its four wheels roll it smoothly on the plan surface. Further, the safety-rated brake system gives you complete control over the bassinet.
  • The mesh material of the sidewalls gives your baby an absolute peace of breath. Use it for up to 5 months from birth the bassinet will provide you with the comfort of mind every second.
  • The bassinet fabric and the mattress both are removable and easy to wash. The material is 100% safe for baby skin as it meets the ASTM and CPSC standards. So, safety is not an issue at all.
  • After C-section, you’ve to shift home from the hospital, where carrying a bassinet becomes a hassle, but thanks to this elegant piece that comes with a carry bag where you can easily pack your bassinet.

Final Recommendation

I hope now you have an idea of how this bassinet can add value to your life. Especially when in C-section, a mom needs more comfort and rest than ever. To keep you relaxed, it also has side pockets where you can keep baby diapers and other necessary items. Moreover, it’s very lightweight and easy to carry and still gives your baby more space. Overall, a perfect gift for a C-section mom and her little one.

5. Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet

Top Features

  • Durable material
  • Removal bassinet
  • Beside sleeper
  • Extra storage space
  • Mesh walls for ventilation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • No one wants to compromise on quality when it comes to baby care, but still, some want an affordable bassinet. Don’t worry if you are looking for a perfect, durable, and safe bassinet but still don’t want to break the bank, then Simmons Kids Sleeper Bassinet got your back.
  • The bassinet is equipped with some cool features like it has five adjustable height settings that allow you to set it according to your need. Moreover, it’s an alternative to bed-sharing. The bedside sleeper helps you to keep your baby close to you.
  • This excellent bassinet has sufficient storage pockets on all sides that provide extra space for keeping small baby care products or pacifiers. The mesh sidewalls help airflow, making breathing easier for your baby. Further, these mesh walls help look after your baby from the bed.
  • You might be thinking about whether it’s safe for baby skin or not. The bassinet is JPMA certified, has passed ASTM and CPSC standards, and meets all the safety protocols.

Final Recommendation

Finally, this budget-friendly bassinet comes with all features that you might see in some expensive products. The only issue you might face is it’s a bit heavy and has less storage than some other bassinets. But extra storage makes it easy to manage extra belongings. If the large space is a concern, look into HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper, but it might cost you more. But still, this bassinet has sufficient room and provides ease for the C-section mother.

6. Baby Delight Beside Me Wink Bassinet

& Bedside Sleeper

Top Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Beside sleeper
  • Adjustable settings
  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft mattress
  • Lightweight
  • Safety certified
  • The Baby Delight bassinet is another excellent product that is lightweight and budget-friendly. The bassinet looks pretty with the bed, while it has a sturdy foot structure that keeps it safe and firm in all conditions. The 100% Polyester fabric is washable yet feels premium. Overall, a trusted bassinet by a trusted brand known for its best baby products all around the USA.
  • In C-section, whether you want to keep your baby separate or convert your bassinet into a bedside sleeper, this bassinet allows you to do that. The side mesh walls are foldable, yet they give your baby easy ventilation. So, no worries about airflow or breathing because this bassinet has covered all.
  • The Baby Delight bassinet is another excellent product that is lightweight and budget-friendly. The bassinet looks pretty with the bed, while it has a sturdy foot structure that keeps it safe and firm in all conditions. The 100% Polyester fabric is washable yet feels premium. Overall, a trusted bassinet by a trusted brand known for its best baby products all around the USA.
  • In C-section, whether you want to keep your baby separate or convert your bassinet into a bedside sleeper, this bassinet allows you to do that. The side mesh walls are foldable, yet they give your baby easy ventilation. So, no worries about airflow or breathing because this bassinet has covered all.

Final Recommendation

Although the bassinet is cheap and has a large space for your baby, unfortunately, it can only bear up to 20lbs weight, which is too less than other bassinets on this list. Moreover, it lacks the side pockets or any extra storage required for a C-section mom. Other than these issues, it has a large space, is lightweight, and is safety certified. But if you need extra storage for baby essentials and the requirement is for a lightweight, I would recommend going for the Mika Micky Baby Bassinet, which has all the features you dreamed of in the bassinet.

7. Cloud Baby Premium Baby Bassinet plus Hanging doll

Top Features

  • Comfortable for C-section mom
  • Easy monitoring at night
  • You can level it with your bed
  • ASTM Certified
  • Soft and comfortable mattress
  • Portable design
  • Tool-free setup
  • Washable mattress
  • If you need all the features that can overcome your baby care process and give you more relaxation in C-section, then look no further than this Cloud Baby Premium bassinet with some excellent features.
  • The premium bassinet looks fantastic alongside any bed, while the material and design give you satisfaction. This elegant bassinet has a large space for your baby and has side mesh walls that are ventilated and easy to breathe for the baby.
  • The bassinet has nine adjustable height settings that let you feed your baby whether you’re laying or sitting. At the same time, the detachable side panel converts into the bedside sleeper.
  • Moreover, the premium mattress is washable, soft, and comfy. The bassinet comes with a halo music box and toys that keep your baby engaged.
  • After a baby birth in C-section, women get tired from daily home routines. So they need some relaxation and want to go outdoor. Well, in that case, carrying a newborn baby becomes an issue. But thanks to this portable bassinet, you can take it anywhere for car traveling and camping. The sleek wheels are durable enough to move this bassinet on any flat surface.

Final Recommendation

The Cloud Baby bassinet is a bit more expensive than all the products on the list, but its excellent features are worth it. The premium bassinet comes with adorable toys and five soothing lullabies that give your baby a peaceful sleep. Moreover, it comes with useful instructions that make it easier to use. For a mother, a C-section can be a perfect gift that reduces her hassle in such a sensitive period. So, overall an ideal bassinet for indoor and outdoor use.

Buying Guide For The Best Bassinet For C Section

There is a difference between normal delivery and C-section; similarly, a C-section mom needs more effortless work than normal. A mom can’t work a lot; instead, she needs more relaxation and healthy food. In that case, the criteria for selecting a baby bassinet for the C section is a bit different than others. So here is a guide that’ll particularly help in buying the best bassinet for the C section that’s not only for mother care but also help in the baby’s healthy life.

Safety Certified

You won’t like your baby going bad because the bassinet is not JPMA certified and does not pass the ASTM and CPSC standards. So, before buying, take a look at the certification. It will keep your baby safe from bassinet material. However, the best material for a baby bassinet is mesh material, which is not skin sensitive yet durable.

Adjustable Height

It becomes hard to get down and pick your baby up from the low or high bassinet in the C section. A bassinet with adjustable height will keep you relaxed and allow you to adjust its size as per requirement. So whether you are in bed or sitting on a chair, you can adjust the height. Further, a bassinet lock should be solid enough that your baby stays safe.

Easy Setup

You probably won’t like to spend time just setting up a bassinet. You won’t want to do this, especially in the C section. So, consider the setup factor, and buy a bassinet that is easy to set up and doesn’t take too much time; further, the bassinet should be tool-free to assemble. If this feature concerns you, Cloud Baby Premium Baby Bassinet can be a perfect choice because it gives you a tool-free setup.

Removable and Washable Material

Cleaning is the most important thing you need to consider, especially when it comes to kids who won’t like to take risks. So, make sure that the bassinet you buy has a removable and washable feature. So you can wash the mattress and bassinet covers. It’s so important to keep your baby safe from dirty germs.


Although you can cover the bassinet with any soft and clean fabric that is easy to breathe, a bassinet with a canopy makes more sense for baby skin. A moveable shelter will keep your little one safe from bugs, and you can also carry your baby anywhere with the canopy on. So, it’s a very cool feature that you must look into a new bassinet. If it makes sense to you, then Graco Dream Suite Bassinet comes with a built-in canopy that is durable and good for ventilation.

I hope you have an idea of what makes a good bassinet that keeps a mom relaxing in the C section and is still useful for the baby. These are not all the factors; you also need to look at maximum weight ability, mesh sidewalls, and extra storage. You got a perfect bassinet for your C-section period if a bassinet has all these features.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best side for a baby bassinet after the C section?

You should keep your baby bassinet on your left side. Because after a C-section, you should sleep on your left side for better blood circulation and digestion. If your baby bassinet is on the left side, you can look after and breastfeed your baby easily.

Which is the best bassinet for the C section?

Graco Dream Suite Bassinet is the best bassinet for the C section because it comes with some excellent features that are required for both mom and baby. It has an extra storage table underneath the bassinet and an extra canopy to keep your baby safe from outside bugs.


In conclusion, I believe that you’ve picked one bassinet that fulfills your requirements. A newborn baby needs more care ever than any time, while a C-section mom also requires more attention and healthy time. In that situation, if someone neglects their comfort and safety, they cost more later. So, choose wisely the best bassinet for the C section so both mother and baby can spend their hard time in comfort.

Still, if you are confused about what bassinet is the best option for you, then here are two recommendations that may make your selection easier.

  1. Budget-Friendly: Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet
  2. Staff Pick: Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

All the bassinets in the list are best-selling products and have some fantastic features. Just look at your baby’s comfort rather than price, but still, I feel there’s not too much difference in prices.

If you think this article helped, don’t forget to share this post so any new mother may find it useful.

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