6 Simple Reasons Why Parents Use A Baby Walker


Baby walkers are a must-have baby item of every traditional family. Several parents still opt for this baby gear for their kiddos. But when we discuss baby walkers vs why no to baby walkers there are two minds set behind it.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the 6 reasons why parents use a baby walker, along with why many countries ban baby walkers, as both sides give justification for using or not using this baby item

 let’s explore each of them without any delay.

Why parents use a baby walker?

We” ll understand the reasons one buys a baby walker

  • It is assumed that the baby would learn to walk quickly.
  • The baby now has started rolling moving moves ahead catches all the things puts into his mouth so to restrict the baby they use it.
  • They feel that they can get some me-time maybe they can relax a bit by putting the baby into the Walker and at least even go to the bathroom.
  • It’s not an easy task with a baby then they would think that babies enjoy. maybe he’s happy being in the Walker.
  • At last, the main reason is somebody told you to use it.
  • somebody said that why not a baby Walker while you don’t have it or somebody just gifted it to you so these are the main reasons.

The truth behind why many countries ban baby walkers?

Now will understand what are the reasons that many countries have banned baby walkers.

If you have come here obviously it is in your mind and you know that somewhere it is not good for a baby, I’ll tell you the reasons.

  • The first reason is babies get strained a lot now in an unnatural way before time we are making the baby walk so the baby would walk in a tiptoe position.
  • Secondly, Mostly observe when there is a lot of pressure on ankle hips and leg muscles which are yet not developed completely and are underdeveloped.
  • Third A maximum pressure going onto it and you think that baby is moving here just for a while but eventually will miss observing that baby walked so much in that Walker that was for half an hour or one sometimes, so a baby is over-exercise now so a lot of his energy is gone out.
  • Before even time that he is learned he is doing an exercise and as you own baby walking continuously for now, how much calories are burned so babies can get underweight and babies may have less sleep again because of the pain due to the strain.
  • Forth is a delay in walking parents assume that babies learn to walk quickly when it is definitely natural. Baby has to fall get uphold on to something and again fall and learn it eventually.
  • When there is an obstruction like Walker coming in between, babies assume that wow it is easy to walk this way and they will not know the correct method of learning it and hence the delay in walking.
  •  The fifth reason is unusual walking patterns now baby has to keep one step at a time and move like this.
  • If you get in Walker what happens? It comes with wheels now baby just keeping one step at a time, and baby is gone so far.
  • So when the baby is moving at such a fast pace baby will keep his leg here and one there and eventually, his walking pattern would change his spinal cord.
  • You are pushing the baby to walk before and now when a baby’s brain has not even sent the signals to walk properly or doesn’t know how to walk properly there’s an obstruction there and again relatively many other milestones get delayed.

Actual reasons why many countries ban the baby walkers

Why any country would ban it completely is that there have been plenty of cases reported. Such as

Many pediatricians say that babies have tipped while walking using a walker.

They have a head injury that comes with a broken leg or broken bone cuts because they can reach many things like even if you safeguard the house to whatever amount of caring you take and you ensure that you keep things inside. 

It is not possible for many houses because of refrigerator kitchen cupboards.

In your room things like perfumes fragrances powders, anything baby can reach now everything else is at this level right so only observation is the key.

Otherwise, it is not possible to safeguard your baby at this age yes, it is difficult for you to even go and pee but nothing can be done now.

Another thing is parents get an impression that now baby is safe and they move on to other tasks like moving house and doing some household work going to the bathroom or doing some other thing.

Just thinking that baby is now safe inside here maybe they leave the baby in a room and come outside again there have been a lot of mishaps because of this so be careful better at the end.

Wrap up;

We explained the 6 reasons why some parents use a baby walker and why many countries ban baby walkers. Now what best approach can be probably done. This is really good to leave the baby to learn on its own. But still, if you are interested in trying it for the little one you can read our in-depth post on the ultimate guide for baby walkers.

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