What Is The Standard Baby Mattress Size


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You may be wondering what would be the standard baby mattress size after you have bought all the necessary things for your baby’s nursery.

The size makes you feel tense since you have to keep numerous things in mind while selecting this crib, such as the baby’s safety, the baby’s growth, the crib where you will place the mattress, and the budget you have to spend.

You need not worry since I will explain to you about the baby mattress size, cribs, and buying guide, and I will make sure to provide you with the baby mattress size chart at the end of the article.

For your convenience, I will explain the different types of cribs. If you don’t know the types of cribs available, you cannot choose the perfect baby mattress size.

We will begin by talking about cribs.

Baby mattress size for various types of Cribs:

You can choose from the following different variations of cribs:

Mini crib

Standard sized crib

Shaped crib

Mini crib:

From the name, you will tell that it would be the most miniature crib you could place in a small room or at a convenient place. And it is also very portable.

Key Features:

It measures 24 inches wide by 38 inches long.

A mini-crib is shorter and less spacious in contrast to a regular crib.

A mini-crib is perfect for those who have a compact child’s room.

What I think of it:

When preparing a plan, it is critical to determine that your child will grow more rapidly, so it will grow out of the crib sooner rather than later. Consequently, you will have to move to a different type of crib.

Standard sized crib:

Even though the standard-sized crib isn’t particularly large or small, it is the most commonly used crib.

Key features:

I would estimate the size to be around 28 inches by 52 inches.

Parents typically opt for a standard-sized crib as the ideal option for their young children.

There are significant differences between standard cribs and mini cribs in size.

It is expected that your child will use the baby bed for several years to come.

What I think of it:

It seems to me that this would be the perfect crib that your kid could use for several years without having to worry about changing it.

Shaped cribs:

As mentioned, the above cribs have a rectangular shape; nevertheless, shaped cribs can be given a customized form such as a square or an egg-shaped shape. 

Key features:

There is not a lot of space taken up by them.

If you are looking for a great way to add a truly unique touch to your baby’s nursery, then these cribs are a good pick for you.

The measurements of shaped cribs are often smaller than the dimensions of standard cribs.

What I think of it:

Although it is entirely up to you what crib you choose, I would not recommend it, as placing a baby in a round crib can often be exhausting for you as a parent.

After I told you about different types of cribs, I am sure you have a better and clearer vision in your head now about the cribs.

I will now give you a detailed explanation of the baby mattress size.

Standard Baby Mattress size

Choosing the right baby mattress after purchasing a crib:

With this knowledge of cribs, it will be much simpler to understand the available different mattress sizes. Since I know that parents want to purchase a perfect mattress, I provided a list of mattresses below, each with its size and dimensions, so you should carefully review each one.

You want your crib mattress to fit as comfortably inside the crib as possible for your baby to be safe. An open space separating the bedding and the bed can be unsafe for your baby.

However, let us discuss each crib mattress size in more detail.

Standard Mattress Size

Mattress Specifications:

It should be no thicker than 6 inches and have a width of 27 ¼ inches wide by 51 ¼ inches long.

What To Look For When Selecting a Standard Crib Mattress:

For a crib mattress to fit your little one, you’ll need a standard crib size. Luckily, crib mattress sizes are regulated. The size of a crib can be adjusted within a reasonable range. You will need to ensure that your mattress fits appropriately in your crib due to this slight variation between sizes.

Mini mattress size

Mattress Specifications:

The mini crib mattress comes in a smaller size than a traditional one. It is, however, important to note that the typical size of a mini crib mattress is 24 inches wide x 38 inches long.

What To Look For When Selecting a Mini Crib Mattress:

Generally, you are allowed to buy mattresses for mini cribs and anticipate them to a mini cribs. However, it would help to double-check that they do because some mini cribs have a limited width. There are also different depths of mini crib mattresses, so it is essential to research the product you choose to buy.

What you need to know about baby mattress size:

The following are the most critical points you should consider after selecting the correct baby mattress size and crib.

Below are the details.

Fitting the appropriate size:

The proper fitting is what I think is most crucial because if it doesn’t match the crib properly, your baby may end up being tangled in the corner of the crib’s wall.

Thus, before making my decision, I did a lot of research and found that you should allow no more space than two fingers between the side of the mattress and the crib frame.

In any case, if the mattress is any smaller than that, there may be a danger of inhalation or injury to the baby, especially the head, since babies’ heads are smooth. 

It is, therefore, imperative that before buying a mattress for your baby, you ensure that you measure the crib dimensions correctly because even a tiny difference in size may cause you to lose money.

The mattress should be supportive.

If you want your baby to sleep well, it should be as firm as possible so that they have support when sleeping. Indeed, I am aware that your baby needs a smooth, silky mattress.

But we recommend that you should purchase a firm one so that the head of your infant will not sink into it. On the other hand, a soft mattress carries a higher risk of posing safety problems for babies.

In traditional cribs, the mattresses are rigid because they are enclosed in non-breathable plastic to prevent overheating.

A breathable mattress:

Furthermore, you may want to consider choosing a crib mattress made from breathable material. It is crucial to keep the mattress breathable as non-breathable mattresses may increase respiratory risks amongst young babies.

In that case, you can invest in a breathable mattress, for example, a high-quality mattress that lets air flow freely for optimal breathability and temperature regulation for your little one so that they can sleep comfortably without the fear of overheating.

The mattress you purchase for your infant will not allow them to have a good and restful sleep during the night if it does not do proper aeration.

Nontoxic chemicals:

Consider investing in an organic mattress if you can do so within your budget. During the first year of a baby’s life, the mattress will provide them with a great deal of comfort and support, so making it safe and healthy is essential.

They should sleep in an atmosphere that should be free of all toxic chemicals. Also, it is advisable not to make the mattress too rigid to prevent injuries and wounds to smooth children’s skin.

Covers for mattresses:

Even though it may seem like an extra expense, I think mattress covers are an essential part of the package because they protect your investment from diaper leaks as well as stains.

It is worth noting that many people are still under the impression that they will be included for free with the mattress; however, they will have to be purchased separately by investing some more money.

The first thing you need to make sure of before going shopping is that the cover meets all nontoxic safety requirements.

Baby mattresses size chart

Mini Crib Mattress                                             24 inches  38 inches
Standard Crib Mattress                                    27 ¼ inches                                51 ¼ inches
Crib Mattress  28 inches       52 inches
Twin Mattress                                      38 inches74.6 inches
Twin XL mattress36 inches79.6 inches
Full mattress                                                    53 inches74.6 inches
Full XL Mattress        53 inches79.6 inches
Olympic Queen mattress 66 inches79.6 inches
Queen mattress60 inches79.6 inches
King mattress                                      76 inches79.6 inches
California king mattress72 inches84 inches


Let me conclude this article in which I discussed baby mattress sizes in-depth with their dimensions. I have provided you with an overview of the various cribs in which your mattress will be placed.

As such, I hope the information provided by Adobe is useful for you to understand since it is based entirely on my research.

So read the article in which you can find a variety of cribs, baby mattresses in a variety of sizes, and a baby mattress size buying guide.

In order to finalize your decision, you must understand each point clearly.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the standard baby mattress size?

There must be a standard baby mattress size of 51 to 53 inches in length and 27 to 28 in width, and the thickness of the mattress should range from four to six inches.

When it comes to a crib mattress, how long does it measure?

In addition to the various lengths of mattresses available for different cribs, you also have to keep in mind that the mattress you buy should be the right size for the crib you are buying.
These are the available ranges of lengths:
●      Mattresses for cribs are usually 52 inches long.
●      Mattresses for mini cribs are 38 inches long.

What is the width of a crib mattress?

There is a need to consider the fact that crib mattresses are available in a variety of sizes and widths. You might have to purchase a wider crib for your baby if they are fat.
On the other hand, the average width sizes are as follows:
●      Mattresses for cribs are generally 28 inches wide.
●      The crib mattresses are 24 inches wide.

How much is the average price of a baby mattress?

Most buyers get stuck at this point when it comes to price, but I recommend saving up to buy a mattress that can last for years rather than grabbing a cheap one that won’t. According to estimates, the cost of a baby mattress will be somewhere between $100 and $250. 

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