10 Tips How To Get Newborn To Sleep At Night


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how to get newborn to sleep at night is a real test for new parents who want their children to sleep calm and stable at the night, Every child is different from others, some infants are pretty decent they go back to sleep soon after the feeding but some are too cranky and fussy at the night.

It is the dream of every parent to get newborn sleep at night. The sole purpose of this post is to help those parents who are victims of such situations.

However, newborns do not tend to sleep throughout the night, they wake up 2 to 3 hourly for feeding and back to sleep but sometimes it is quite challenging, especially for the new parents.

Come on guys’ I still remember those days when my firstborn came into our life, he was used to sleeping in the day but staying awake through the night being cranky and restless.

Why the baby is not sleeping at night

There are various reasons why the newborn is not sleeping at night following are some of them.

Day and night confusion:

 In the first few weeks of the age, newborns are blind to figure out a day and night time. Swaddled in the dense clothes make them feel of the womb so they keep sleeping without caring day and night routine.

Disturbed sleep;

 Sometimes in the early sleep phase baby REM, if he/she awakes due to any reason it causes extreme irritation to the baby. Falling back to sleep makes the child too fussy leading to nonstop crying that is too annoying for the family.


Baby will not sleep until his/her tiny tummy is not full. Every 2 – 3 hours their small belly alarms so punctually. So if the baby is not sleeping at night make sure his feed is not missed.

A diaper change:

The most common cause of not sleeping at night is the need for a diaper change. Newborns are so sensitive to sense it. Parents often missed this reason of baby’s not sleeping at night, because of being tired of long hours taking care of the newborn.


Medical reason baby won’t sleep at night

There could be a medical reason as well that needs to be addressed

  • colic
  • Stuffed nose
  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Diaper rash

Here we go to elaborate the simple tips on how to get newborn sleep at night instead of day

how to get newborn to sleep at night instead of day

Before answering this question you need to know whether is your baby at his/her right age to sleep at night instead of a day.

There are some stages to pass through first then the baby can sleep through the night instead of the day, the first one is when the startle reflex is reduced that initiates at 2 months of age.

The first week of the age newborn is too young to differentiate day and night. baby goes to sleep without distinction of the day and night but soon after the first-week confusion starts. Now infant is in a learning phase to differentiate the day and night.

Here is your part to play to teach your infant to sleep at night instead of a day. These 10 tips will certainly help you out to set the routine of your newborn to sleep at night.

10 tips to get newborn sleep at night

  • Set a bedtime regime
  • Use a pacifier
  • Rock the baby
  • start developing self soothing
  • Put newborns in the sun light
  • Create a sleeping environment
  • Follow the regime strictly
  • Stay consistent
  • Space out feeding
  • Protect the baby from SIDS

Set a Bedtime regime:

Setting a bedtime regime is a proven tip to help a newborn to sleep at night. for a matter of fact is, A study has been shown good results of infants who followed bedtime routine.

Some parents start following the night routine at the early age of the newborn. Parenting is all about experiencing things on one child and applying them to others 😊.

Engage with baby in the daytime activities like communicating, playing, and interacting in the awake periods in the bassinets.

Their favorite activity must be kept in the last in the bedroom to get tired and feel the need for sleep. I remember my elder one was so cheered up when his dad makes him laugh by producing some weird voice. You must have been watched such laughing babies videos.

As the evening starts reduce the active interaction with the baby.

Stay consistent to let baby used to it.

Keep the light dim and low noise at night instead of a diaper change and feeding.

Use a Pacifier:

Pacifiers are a great source of quick falling asleep. Infants love to suck especially in the REM phase. sucking is an aiding factor for quick sleep in newborns. You can start introducing the pacifier safely for your newborn to sleep at night.

But as the baby falls into a deep sleep remove gently because the major drawback of the pacifier is withdrawal. Babies don’t leave this habit easily so be careful while you make use of it.

Rock the baby:

some infants don’t like to be swung in the bassinets or aswing they feel comfortable in the parents’ arms or lap. Cuddling and rocking the baby helps to fall asleep, but put the baby in the crib as soon as being drowsy. hence opt for any option solicitously as newborns are very particular to adopt any habit, which may be leading to used to it daily.

Start developing Self-soothing:

newborns start learning the self-soothing or self settle down gradually. It enables them to conciliate by themselves, A gentle touch can ease and go back to sleep. Spend less time with baby to keep him/her calm at night let them self soothe.

Put newborns in the sun light:

Some mums question where to put newborns in the day. Well, it is better to put them in the area where is maximum sunlight exposure. Because baby could start learning about the daytime brightness. Furthermore, It would help to maintain their bones health as well as to settle down physiological jaundice

Create a sleeping environment

Creating a sleeping environment means it has to be a perfect room temperature (neither cold nor warm) and dark.

White noise is a co helping factor for a baby to fall asleep. White noise brings a nice soothing feeling.

In the daytime, staying outside of the bedroom, lounge, or a sunny area now to sleep longer in the night creating a sleeping ambiance is the most important thing to do. Low light fewer voices darker environment can help to identify the newborn that it is night and suppose to sleep. They learn to sleep in the night instead of the day.

Follow the regime strictly

Well, make sure to follow your set routine strictly, you need to practice the same regime regularly until the newborn starts sleeping in the night nicely.

Stay consistent

Again consistency is a key to success, be consistent and be patient to see the results.

Space out feeding:

At the 6 months of the age when weaning is started minimize the feeding and introduce more solids. It will let the baby’s tummy be full and sleep longer at night.

Protect the baby from SIDS

Baby’s safety is the primary factor to keep in mind while newborns get to sleep at night, to avoid SIDS you should know about the best sleeping position as per age.

Put your baby to the bed or in his/her crib soon after asleep. Car seats and strollers are not a good option for a longer period.

Co-sleeping is recommended to avoid SIDS, in the early 6 months.

Avoid putting blankets and sheets in the crib.


Handling Newborns in the early 2 – 3 months are very exhausting and frustrating for the new parents. sleepless nights with your newborns in their weird awake timings seem long-lasting. but dear parents don’t be worried it would go off within a few months you just need to follow some above practical tips, such as setting a night routine and other methods, sticking to it can help newborn to sleep at night. no one knows which one would work for you.

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