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The likelihood is that if you have a child, you may want to consider getting a bassinet to keep them close to you. In the process of selecting a bassinet for your newborn, you get confused and search all over the place without being able to find the right bassinet weight limit.

As a matter of fact, In Pediatrics we are used to plotting a baby’s weight and height chart periodically for parents’ awareness of their kid’s weight and height. I suggest moms keep records of their baby’s growth to determine the compatibility of the bassinet weight limit with the baby’s weight and length.

Parents face hurdles when finding it; however, to solve this trouble I began researching on the internet and visiting different shops.

Nevertheless, you may wonder that there are numerous bassinets available on the market, but the Bassinet weight limit is the thing that confuses you. Don’t worry, below are some products that are for you because out of other bassinets I found these to be worth mentioning.

According to studies, during the first six months of a baby’s life, it is advised that their parents sleep in the same room with them. So keeping this in mind I brought this article that is important for parents to read till the end.

With a bassinet, you will be able to watch the baby closely, and you won’t have to install a baby cradle in your room to keep the baby.

Reviews of bassinet weight limit 2022 :

Based on my research, there are dozens of different bassinets available according to weight and size limit of your baby in the market right now, but I chose these eight as the best bassinets as per weight limit of your baby in 2022.

So you know what each one offers, take the time to read them all.

Bassinet weight limit table

Product Features Product weight Baby weight limit
Halo Swivel Bassinet -360-degree rotation Around 20 lbs Around 20-30 lbs

UPPA Baby Bassinet Very relaxing Approx – 8.8 lbs Around 20 lbs
Chicco Bassinet highly portable Varies from:15 lbs to 17.5 lbs Around 20 lbs
Arm’s Reach Bassinet long-lasting and comfortable Weight varies between – 22 lbs- 26 lbs Around 30 lbs – 40 lbs
Graco Pack n Play Bassinet Quality and Comfort Varies from – 11 lbs to 22 lbs Maximum 15 lbs
Fisher-price soothing Vibrating Around 20 lbs Max 20 lbs
Dream on me bassinet with pet compartment Around 16 lbs Around  25 lbs
Delta bassinet lightweight Around 10.6 Around 15 lbs

Halo Swivel Bassinet Weight Limit Top Reviewed

Graco Pack n Play Bassinet Weight Limit Quality & Comfort

Uppababy Bassinet Weight Limit Bassinet Plus Stroller

Chicco Bassinet Weight Limit High Portability

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions Bassinet Light Weight & Vibrating

long-lasting and comfortable.

arms reach min opti

Isn’t it time to buy a new bassinet for your baby? In that case, the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet would be a perfect choice. Because of its weight capacity of 30 to 40 pounds, it is suitable for babies aged 14 to 16 months. Unlike any other bassinet, Arm’s Reach’s Co-Sleeper bassinet can be used two times as long as any other.

– Rotates 360 degrees.


Halo Swivel Bassinet can withstand a weight limit of 20-30 pounds. I have noticed that as long as the baby can move easily, it will work for at least 35 pounds, as I have observed when meeting many parents in my research.

Halo bassinets are also different, as they provide 360-degree rotation, something that other bassinets lack, which lets you place the bassinet comfortably over your bed.

Quality and Comfort.

Graco2 1

The weight limit of Graco’s Pack n Play bassinet varies due to its different models, such as playards, playpens, and bassinets. There is a maximum weight limit of 15 lbs for the Graco portable bassinet and 30 lbs for the Graco changing table.

This product is mainly distinguished by the high quality and the high level of comfort it provides.

Very relaxing.

uppa baby2

The weight limit for an Uppababy bassinet is 20lbs, and it is recommended for infants from birth until they reach 20lbs.

The Uppababy is one of the few product lines on the market that can be used as a bassinet and as a pushchair, based on what you need.

It is ideal if you have a newborn baby since they can have some wonderful rest and sleep time during the process.

highly portable.


There are four Chicco bassinet models available, including the Portable bassinet, the Delux bassinet, the Nest bassinet, and the Primo bassinet.

In general, these bassinets weigh anywhere between 15 lbs and 18 lbs. A Chicco Lullago bassinet can hold a maximum weight of 20lbs.

A lightweight bassinet, such as the Chicco LullaGo Portable Bassinet, can easily be transported because of its lightweight construction. For parents who are interested in traveling more during their vacation, this is an excellent option.


fisher price2

Fisher-Price Soothing Motions is one of the top vibrating bassinets in our opinion since it is equipped with movement and sound to help the baby sleep soundly during the night. It weighs 20 pounds and has a max load limit of 20 pounds.

Furthermore, it can self-sow in response to movement generated by a baby in it, which is its most distinctive characteristic. In order to achieve this, soothing motion bassinets are made from high-quality fabrics.

Additionally, the mesh sides of the bassinet provide excellent air circulation, thereby maintaining the temperature of the bassinet to an acceptable level. 

Parent pick

dream on me2

You are generously provided with a bassinet that can house infants up to 25lbs. Plus, it has a weight of just 13.9lbs, so you don’t need to worry about having difficulty carrying it from room to room with your baby when necessary.

The fact that it can be compacted up when not in use is extremely useful, and it is quite lightweight.

I recommend this bassinet if you have pets in your home, such as dogs or cats since they have their own loop under the baby’s loop to keep them out.


It is necessary to note that the weight limit of the Delta Bassinet is 15 pounds, while its weight is 10.6 pounds.

Delta’s bassinet is made up of a lightweight frame that can be easily moved anywhere, allowing it to be a portable bassinet as well.

Designed with a neutral leaf pattern with a simple yet elegant structure, Delta Bassinet is a classic bassinet. It is a wonderful choice for parents who enjoy the sensory effect of neutral colors on their children.

Aside from being comfortable for babies, this bassinet has a very nice appearance and is a very stylish product.

In addition to the dimmer, it comes with an integrated audio module that includes soothing sounds that are preloaded.

Things to consider before finalizing a bassinet

To understand the weight limits of various bassinets you can buy on the market, let me explain the factors to consider before purchasing a bassinet for your adorable baby.

       Size of a Bassinet:

Although it might seem easy enough to estimate the height of a child and then calculate the size of the bassinet accordingly, it might not be as straightforward as you might think. If you want a bassinet that fits your child, you need to note your baby’s height.

Using a standard baby size chart, you can measure your child’s height and choose the right bassinet. In summary, I suggest that you buy a bassinet that is the perfect fit for your baby. It should not be too narrow because your baby will become exhausted when it is tight.

       Weight of the Bassinet: 

I suggest a lightweight bassinet if you travel a lot with your baby. Furthermore, heavier bassinets are also available, but I don’t recommend them since they are almost impossible to transport.

       Bassinet Weight Limit:

While buying bassinets, one of the primary considerations is the bassinet weight limit outlined in the article. It would be best if you had a clear understanding of how long you intend to use the bassinet as a parent.

A bassinet that was not constructed with your child’s weight in mind is unsafe, as the additional load may cause the bassinet to collapse, which could put the child at risk.

A baby who exceeds their weight limit before they are old enough to use a bassinet will be too big for the bassinet. 

Nevertheless, bassinets can hold a maximum weight of 15 to 20 pounds in most cases.

So it would help if you always kept in mind your child’s weight when purchasing the best bassinet.

      Safety Measures:

When you are a parent, you always want your baby to sleep peacefully, but several bassinets do not meet the safety standards. It is not a problem because I will tell you how to make sure that your baby bassinet is safe.

When you go to the market to purchase a bassinet for your new baby, the first thing you should do is to look for a label that says JPMA or ASTM because they contributed to standards development before the federal government imposed them.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to look for gaps on the sides of the crib as they may enable your baby to roll out. You should keep your baby away from cribs with too much decorative material since decorations are like needles and may cause injury.

Rocking bassinet or Stationary bassinet: 

Even though a rocking bassinet is convenient, it poses some safety risks that a stationary bassinet does not. As soon as your baby can move a little or start rolling over, the motion of the baby’s weight in the rocking bassinet may allow enough movement to cause your baby to become stuck in one way or another.

In cases where your baby’s face contacts the side, this poses a threat to breathing. You may be unaware that your baby is at risk since babies learn to roll over quickly.

Ensure you know the difference between a rocking bassinet and a stationary bassinet.

      Mobility of bassinet:

I am well aware of parents who want to keep their children wherever they go. Hence, since they travel with their babies a lot, the best bassinet is portable. Portable bassinets are smaller and lighter. Since a bassinet is compact and lightweight,

It can be moved easily, so the baby will always be nearby. The bassinet can be pushed even more easily with wheels. When the bassinet is on a slope, lockable wheels prevent sudden movement.

If the bassinet folds, make sure you test the latching mechanism before you buy it. It is also nice if you can easily fold or disassemble the bassinet for travel or storage. Look for solid latches where the bassinet attaches to the legs and the foldable legs. How easy is it to tell when the bassinet is locked safely in place?

Price of the bassinet

The last and most important thing that every parent stops after learning about the bassinet is its price. It is important to note that there are both cheap and expensive bassinets available on the market today. Bassinettes are sold at different prices depending on their size and the brand that makes them. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend buying the expensive ones, as they are equipped with high-quality materials.


Here, I’d like to draw a close to the article in which I spoke about bassinet weight limits. We have explained the every product with the measurements that can help you to decide which one goes best in terms of compatibility of the bassinet as per your child’s age and weight.

the good news is that I also provided some factors that every parent should consider before they get started on their car and go to the market to buy one. Additionally, to these mentioned things,

Therefore, I hope you will find the above information useful since it has been compiled from a lot of research.

The most important thing you should do is put your child’s safety first.

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