Is My Newborn Sleeping Too Much


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Is My Newborn Sleeping Too Much? Newborn babies are hard to understand. They cry they sleep, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re sick or just sleeping too much.

Is my newborn sleeping too much? Well, Newborns sleep a lot. Experts say this is normal, but it can be predominant to know if your baby’s sleeping habits are on the extreme side of normal.

This post discusses what you need to know about newborn sleep patterns, including when they’re most likely to wake up during the night and whether that’s okay or not. We also talk about why some babies might seem like they’re sleeping more than others (even though their parents don’t think so!) Finally, we give our best tips for helping your little one get enough rest without overdoing it!

Is My Newborn Sleeping Too Much? Newborn babies are hard to understand. They cry they sleep, and sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re sick or just sleeping too much.

Newborns are not shy about sleeping.  here are some tips on what you should be aware of when it comes to figuring out how much sleep your little one needs

they can’t tell us, so we have no way of knowing (especially because every baby has different preferences and their own unique personality).

But don’t worry this article will give steps for finding out the right amount of snooze time that works best for them!

Is my newborn sleeping too much at the night?

Newborns do not tend to sleep throughout the night because their minute tummy does not let them do so, especially in the early three months they wake up on a regular two-hour schedule for feed and then go back to sleep, pediatricians recommend if the baby does not awake for feed you should awake him/her to follow regular feeding routine.

The newborn sleeps an average of 8 -9  hours per day and around 8 hours at the night and usually wakes up every 2- 3 hours to eat, but It can be hard to tell from all of the conflicting advice out there about how much babies should sleep at different ages,

Prolonged sleep without feed can cause low blood sugar levels that could lead to a lethargy baby and eventually refusal to feed.

Why is my newborn sleeping too much during the day

Newborns sleep more than 8-9 hours in the daytime, and some above than 9 hours, if the baby is sleeping above this pattern without any symptoms it is quite normal but in addition, if he/she is missing the feeds during sleep, and have some following symptoms.

is my newborn sleeping too much during the day without any medical condition, it is ok if your baby is sleeping too much, it could be due to

  • developmental spurt
  • they might have a minor ailment like flu or nasal congestion
  • After warm bath newborns like to sleep for a longer interval in the day.
  • Adequately Full tummy allows baby to sleep more than usual.

Sleepy baby when to worry

When should I consult the doctor about my infant’s sleeping habits? Sleeping habits are important for all people and infants.  When should I consult a pediatrician or another medical professional if the following things are noticeable?

  • if my infant has an irregular, infrequent sleeping schedule that may be impacting their health in some way?”
  • If the baby is refusing to eat
  • If is Breathing fast
  • Unresponsive instead of waking
  • Body temperature above 100F

What to do if the baby is sleeping too much at 2months

You should monitor the baby during sleep.

  • Keep a record of his/her feeding schedule, which must be 2 hourly on formula feed it could vary in breastfeeding.
  • Monitor body temperature
  • observe the breathing pattern

Newborns sleep around 18- 22 hours a day it is absolutely normal with 2 – 3 hourly feed intervals.

Newborns should sleep around 14 to 17 hours in 24 hours some may sleep 16 – 18 hours, that is 8 – 9 hours in the day and 9 hours in the night.

In the early three months of age, newborns are on the high tendency of SIDS, to prevent such hazardous infants co-sleeping is recommended by the experts. You can keep an eye on the baby’s sleep pattern through the co-sleepers.

You feel fresh and super energetic when you have a good sleep similarly when the baby gets enough rest and sleeps at night he/she would be vigorous.

Why you don’t let them over-sleep themselves and what happens if they do

  • Dehydration
  • Low diaper output
  • Lazy and lethargic
  • Poor weight gain

Newborn babies sleep a lot. Babies need to sleep a lot for their development out of the womb. But you should know when your baby is sleeping too much. How can you tell if they are getting enough rest, or if they’re not getting enough you need to vigilantly observe the baby.

The truth is that there are some things to keep in mind as you try to figure out the best amount of sleep for your little one! whether your baby is getting enough milk before sleep You want your baby to be healthy and happy but you should know what is normal for a newborn.

Establish routines: Newborn babies thrive with a healthy sleep routine. They need consistency just like any other human being do they want to know exactly from day-to-day Sleep is an important and precious thing to all of us, particularly for a newborn!

As parents, it’s hard enough trying to figure out the best amount so that our little ones will grow into healthy adults. There are lots of resources available for you on how much sleep your baby should be getting at each stage in their life.

Conclusion :

sleep gives them their biggest boost of energy! But sleeping pattern varies from person to person,

baby must sleep in a good amount with feeding intervals and it is absolutely ok he/she sleep longer than usual, there is nothing to worry about but if the baby has some abnormal symptoms mentioned above then the routine does consult the pediatrician.

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