How To Get Newborn Sleep Without Being Held


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A mother to a newborn baby worried that he/she is not sleeping without being held? This is the story of every second mom. A common trouble that every parent comes up with. And you wonder how to get newborn sleep without being held on their own.

The main misconception every mother may hear is that keeps her baby holding until they fell to sleep. It is the wrong approach. Newborn babies develop sensations with their mother and they realize it when they separate from their mother.

This is the point where the problem starts but don’t worry I promise, You would get some practical knowledge in the below post which we have brought to you based on my research, and experience dealing with such challenging kiddos.

A Study showed new parents are sleep-deprived. The moms additionally lost around 40 minutes of sleep a night in the first year after a child showed up contrasted and pre-pregnancy levels whether at the time of firstborn or second.

However, you are not the only woman who goes through this situation. There are several who share the same experience of their sleep-deprived nights’ researching and reading books to find the solution to make their baby sleep without being held.

Factors behind newborns won’t sleep without being held:

  • There is a possibility that your newborn will find themselves uneasy. Maybe your baby got a gas or burping problem.
  • Sleeping is a natural necessity. You can say that it’s an inherited behavior.
  • Uncomfortable clothes can also be the reason for newborns’ disturbed sleep without being held.

In this article, I am sharing tips that can work for your baby to sleep without being held.

Sleep Deprived Mom

How to get newborn sleep without being held?

Like many mothers, you are also here to look for authentic and reliable tips that work for making your newborn sleep without being held.

  • Avoid keeping them up unnecessarily late
  • Snug Place is ideal for newborn babies
  • Keep the Crib Mattress Warm
  • Hold your baby as you put him to sleep
  • Use of Pacifier

1. Avoid keeping them up unnecessarily late:

It was observed that many mothers practiced making their babies sleep all night to awake them for too long. But, awakening your baby for too long is also tiring, and that is also a reason for a newborn to not feel comfortable sleeping without being held.

Make sure to observe your baby’s tired signs. Three yawns in cues are a sign that your baby is tired and they want a good sleep. At this time, make them sleep. This tip will help your child to sleep without being held.

2. Snug Place is ideal for newborn babies:

Snug places are ideal for newborn babies because they have spent so much time in the womb. For newborns, the crib is the ideal place to settle them down.

3. Keep the Crib Mattress Warm:

It is also observed that newborn babies are not environmentally friendly. They get colder, so make sure to have their warm and cozy crib mattress. Their bodies are soothed and they can fall asleep easily without being held.

4. Hold your baby as you put him to sleep:

One of the sensations that a newborn can sense is the contact with the body, the warmth felt easily by the baby. While making him sleep down, make sure to keep your hands on your baby after putting him down to continue sensations for him.

5. Use of Pacifier:

Pacifiers are best to make your child comfortable in bed. Make sure you don’t wait until you hear the baby cry. As a substitute, use the mouthpiece if the child appears upset and uncomfortable. This tip works for me. Pacifier soothes your child and provides comfort as well.

Holding your child is spoiling him?

Yes! It is observed that many mothers don’t let their children sleep alone and hold them till they sleep. For newborn babies, make sure to set a proper routine. Holding your child until they fall asleep is not a good practice. Children get your body sensations, and they get used to them with time.

Make sure to provide all comfort to your newborn so that they can sleep on their own. In the starting, it might be difficult but not impossible.


I would like to dedicate this to all mothers who are seeking the answer to their struggles. I hope you get the answer in this article. Babies need a warm and comfortable environment. Especially newborn babies are used to staying in the womb for 9 months. They sense the feeling of holding.

Make sure to provide all comfort for your baby in the crib. All the tips discussed here actually do wonders. If you utilize these guidelines, you will be able to assist your baby to sleep without being held at night. You can also get more tips related to newborn babies.

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