6 Tips How to keep baby warm at night 

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Are you fraught to keep your baby warm at night in antarctic weather? Well, here we have 6 helpful tips to let you know How to keep a baby warm at night.

How to keep baby warm at night?

Many of us become apprehensive about our newborns and seek advice on keeping our baby warm at night. When the outer world is freezing in winters, babies become vulnerable to a bad cough, cold, and flu. so every mom is anxious enough about how to keep the baby warm at night.

We seek guidance from our elders or just Google tips and tricks about how to warm the baby at night. Knowing all your worries, here we are with 6 tips on how to keep the baby warm at night.

1. Garb Your Baby in Dense Cloth 

In winters, the preeminent way to keep your little one warm is just dressing him in a cloth that is comfortable and cozy.

Moreover, try to cover your baby with single substantial or good quality woolen clothes. 

It would help if you made him/her wear warm clothes that you can easily remove afterward while changing diapers. All three recommendations under this banner enable you to sightsee how to keep your baby warm in winter without a heater.


     2. Set Room Temperature

The second tip is to ensure that your newborn feels neither too cold nor too hot; try to keep the room temperature between 18 – 20 degrees Centigrade. 

You can also use a room thermometer to check the temperature. A simple tip to check whether your baby is warm enough is to put your hand on his/her chest and feel if it is warm. 

 3. Shield Baby’s Head and Hands

To Keep the baby warm at night, cover his/her head and hands. Scientifically, it is discovered that babies release a lot of heat through their heads and both hands. So it becomes imperative to grab a soft baby cap made up of good stuff. Lightweight mittens also provide your baby with an extra layer of warmth.

 Pro Tips:

  • You can also keep his / her feet warm just by using a pair of socks.
  • If your baby is habitual of sucking your thumb, you should have an extra pair of good-quality mittens. 

  4. Use Firm & Hard Mattress

Moving forward, another tip is to use a good-quality hard mattress. To keep your baby warm from every side and mainly the underside, you should use a hard & firm baby mattress. One that is covered with a supremely well-fitting waterproof mattress high-quality protector sheet is the best. 

Baby mattresses made of too much soft material put your baby at risk of a most smothering hazard. It also increases his\her chances of getting sick due to the blowing cold air entering into the low-quality soft Mattress. So it is much better to get rid of them or avoid them.

  5. Keep the Wind Off From Baby

It is highly suggested to keep your baby away from the direct wind. Your baby’s position in the room or anywhere also highly affects how comfortable he\she will feel during sleep time

Keep the Wind Off From Baby

 Pro Tips:

  • Place the baby feet away from the air vents, from drafty windows, fans, and outside walls. 
  • You must close all windows and doors to prevent the chill, cold air from entering the room.

  6. Swaddles for keeping baby warm at night

If your baby is younger, swaddling is idyllic. Besides being warm, it gives them a secure feeling of being in the womb. Moreover, swaddling also reduces your baby’s arousal clues, so it is vital to monitor them often while asleep. 

Stay cautious not to swaddle your baby too tightly.

Pro Tip:

Swaddling should be discontinued when your baby starts rolling. You can use sleeping sacks instead. 

How do I Know if my Baby is too Warm or too Cold?

Know that your baby is too warm if:

  • His/her face is blushing/reddened
  • The backside of his/her neck is clammy or hot
  • He/she has a bumpy rash on the belly or back

Know that your baby is too cold if:

  • His/her chest and belly is cold
  • His/her fingertips or nose is pale
  • The mouth or lips are blue
Baby is too Warm or too Cold

12 proven tips how to keep baby warm in crib

In the winter, it is quite a challenge to keep the baby warm in the crib at night, especially when your baby is sleeping in a co-sleeper.

Here are some tips on how to keep your baby warm in a crib during the winter so that she/he sleeps comfortably and peacefully through the night!

Keeping your baby warm is important, especially during the winter months. If your little one gets cold easily, it can be difficult to know how to keep them cozy and comfortable without overheating them.

It’s also important that they don’t get too hot while sleeping because this could lead to developing fever and other ailments.

Our solution includes the following steps which are easy and simple but very effective in keeping babies warm in cribs while they sleep.

You should try these methods out because they work!

  • Keep a close eye on your baby’s temperature by using a digital thermometer under his armpit or inside of his ear canal.
  • Make sure that all of his bedding is clean and dry before putting it back on his crib mattress so that no mold develops overnight.
  • Dress him in one extra layer at night so that he doesn’t get too hot when he sleeps but also stays warm enough throughout the night!
  •  Dress baby in a sleep sack
  •  Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air and prevent dry skin
  • The best way to keep your baby warm is by dressing them in a onesie.
  • Make sure that the room temperature isn’t too low (keep around 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Keep in mind your baby has enough blankets on his/her bed; this will ensure warmth while sleeping at night time as well as during daytime napping sessions.
  • Another way to keep your baby’s body heat from escaping through her skin is by using burping cloths or even hot water bottles.
  • Make sure there is plenty of fresh air coming into the room, but not too much cold air from outside blowing in.
  • Keep babies away from drafts by closing doors and windows when they’re not needed.
  • While changing clothes or diapers make sure the room temperature isn’t too low.

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We hope these tips on how to keep the baby warm at night in the crib were helpful By now, you would have a sneak peek into how you can momentously help your baby maintain a consistent body temperature just during the season of wintertime, especially at night.

When it comes to keeping babies warm in cribs, things are simple yet applicable that would make them feel comfortable and cozy at night without overheating during the winter.

If you’re having trouble with any aspect related to this post, please contact us! We’d be glad to answer. Parenthood is all about daily learning something new. Together we will explore a lot more. Good Luck.

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