How To Deal With baby cold Hands? A Simple guide

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How to deal with baby cold hands is an inquiry that conveys sufficient concern I can see quite well. The cold weather has always been a nightmare for me when my kids were young for fear of catching a cold, Well as inexperienced parents, we are apprehensive to keep our little one warm.

Infants are prone to drop their body temperature instantly, the matter of fact is their body’s temperature control system is still in a growing phase, We need to have insight related to get to know his/her fluctuating body temperature. in this blog post, we shall momentarily discuss all possible aspects.

I am a woman with frozen hands in winters, in addition, kind of a crazy mum who whapped up children madly when feels cold herself so it is quite normal if your baby’s hands are cold as well while sleeping.

Baby cold hands at night

Some severe medical conditions cause a baby’s cold extremities but we are not supposed to discuss here those illnesses. We are going to talk about the simple things that could be a REASON for baby cold hands and find some practical tips for keeping your baby’s hands and body warm at night.

Parents often ask why does my baby hands and foot are cold particularly at night. Baby hands cold 6 months at night is quite often and normal in the infants.

While sleeping at night they’re tend to get cold as the circulation gets slow down during sleep in babies which creates baby cold hands. Usually temperature drop happens with adults as well during sleep.

Furthermore, under 6 months of age body organs are developing and this process fasten in the long sleeping hours causes blood flow more towards the vital organs like brain and lungs.

Therefore blood circulation get slow down down in the lower limbs leading to decrease the temperature of hands and foot which is pretty normal.

Baby’s cold hands

Is it ok for babies to have cold hands?

Working in pediatrics we have noticed on various occasions that parents are overwhelmed while handling their munchkins, which leads to overwrapping the babies resulting in fever.

It is normal if your baby’s hands are cold during sleep because infants’ bodies are still in the growing phase-out of the womb, the circulatory system is not mature enough to work smoothly all the time so even slightly temperature varies around it affects immediately on baby’s limbs (hands, feet, arms, and legs).

Let’s suppose when we discuss why the baby’s hands are cold while sleeping we start putting extra layers of clothes and blankets but the best practice is to cover that particular area more cautiously than the other body.

We need to be as practical as we care for ourselves, things are simple but when it is related to our children we mostly overreact that cause problem.

You need to be observant when this malpractice initiates raising the temperature of the baby. Overwrapping mostly causes a fever that is another worrisome.

You can check this Temperature guide to get to know about baby’s clothing for sleeping in summer as well. As per experts 20c -22c is recommended room temperature for a baby. We have to go accordingly if hands and feet are cold just warm up this if the temperature is 38c or running above remove the extra layers.

how to warm the baby’s cold hands?

The first thing to opt for is to relax just compose your mind and evaluate, what you have to do first, hold the baby’s hands and rub for a couple of minutes.

Curl up the baby close to your chest. So, your body temperature settles down his/her cold.

Check bedding and clothing the bed is not wet at all.

Place arms beside the bay’s body and Swaddle. You can learn more about swaddle dressing in winter.

Monitor body temperature.

The most important thing is to monitor the body temperature, you can’t measure it as accurately without the digital thermometer, but if you don’t have the thermometer you check through the back of your palm, baby’s back, chest, and abdomen are the points to tell most accurate body temperature.

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Either too warm or cold will explain what’s the exact temperature.

If the torso is ok then nothing to worry about just the following steps are enough to normalize the temperature of cold hands, but if it is too warm then do check the body temperature with a thermometer. If it is around 100f or above seek medical advice.

Add an extra layer of clothes

Doctors always advise putting an extra layer on babies from you, but If it feels cold you can add another layer of clothes sweaters, and trousers, wrap in a dense wrapping sheet and blanket.

 You can use mittens as well

Sleep sacks are also useful because it closely covers up the entire body.

Room temperature,

You need to be as conscious to check the room temperature as important for the baby’s body temperature.

You need to be more careful where is your baby sleeping or napping in the daytime as well. Avoid direct exposure to the wind and drafts.

Recommended room temperature is 68f to 70f you can dress up baby accordingly.

Final verdict:

Baby’s cold hands are not much to worry about, you need to vigilantly observe the situation as above mentioned. Keep things simple and appropriate. Check body and room temperature, put an extra layer of clothes when needed,

Remember, cold hands and feet are not a big issue until or unless any medical condition is not involved but over clothing and wrapping can cause fever in newborns so be careful while dressing up the baby to sleep.

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